In Their Words

"As a business founder and operator, I like that Prestige was able to onboard my business quickly, in about a week. They provide cash flow consistently advancing against my invoices within 24 hours. Prestige keeps my business moving at the pace that it's supposed to move. And, for a consumer products company like ours, that's important."
- Caroline Beckman, Founder & CEO, Nouri Life

"We went on Shark Tank and things got crazy! Prestige was there when we had limited cash flow and I had lots of big retail orders with long net terms. Without their help we would have surely went into major debt or had to liquidate. I recommend their factoring option to anyone who has a viral product, shark tank product, or any product that has lots of retail interest. Thank you so much Prestige!"
- Josh, CEO and Founder, Consumer Products Company

"Had an excellent experience working with Prestige Capital. Reaching terms was quick and painless, and that cooperative interaction continued throughout our relationship. Once everything was set up, financing tranches were completed promptly and basically automatically. We enjoyed working with everyone involved in our relationship."
- Martin Flusberg, President, Powerhouse Dynamics

"Prestige Capital has been a very valuable funding source for some of our clients going back many years. In my experience, they are able to quickly determine what they can do on a needed financing, move very fast to diligence and paper a transaction, and close with a very high degree of certainty. They have been very helpful to a number of clients and will continue to be a trusted and reliable resource for my firm going forward."
- Jeff Singer, Investment Banker

"From the very start Prestige Capital understood my business needs and they were able to quickly assess where they could be of maximum support. At every stage of the process each member of the allocated team was helpful, accommodating, and approachable. Most importantly, as someone who had not worked with a factoring company before, every question was answered clearly and professionally. "
- Nick, CCO, Vernon Francois Haircare

"Rachel Hersh is a total powerhouse. Having my business in her wheelhouse at Prestige Capital has been a game changer and has truly expanded my horizons!"
- Lauren, Founder and CEO, Bath and Body Brand

"I have had the good fortune and pleasure to work with Prestige Capital. I am so thankful to have been introduced to Prestige Capital by a Chase banker who could not fulfill my financing needs at that time, but recognized that working with Prestige would assist my growing business. We were experiencing an increase of large volume orders which a bank loan would not have been sufficient for our rapid growth. Many other finance companies and factors required me to sell all my accounts receivable and required heavy paperwork and documentation that took too much of my time. However, Prestige Capital allowed me to fund large concentration accounts to enable me to pay any suppliers in a timely fashion with minimal paperwork and ease. Their flexibility and speed in providing financing has allowed me to be comfortable accepting large orders knowing that I have a strong finance company behind me. I am so happy that I was able to be working with Prestige and could not be happier. Their staff is wonderful to work with and know how to make the entire process smooth and painless.""
- Jenny Yoo, President & CEO, Jenny Yoo

"I am so glad that my banker at Chase was able to refer me to Prestige Capital. As a company experiencing a large increase in orders, in the middle of the banking financial credit crunch, the small bank loan we had, would not have been sufficient to fulfill our increased orders. Prestige has been a great partner in financing my receivables and for making big orders possible through a great arrangement with purchase order financing."
- Eliodora Dal Monte, CFO, Euroflex

"The Prestige team has been a great partner for one of my clients. Working closely with my client as head of their finance team, I can attest to Prestige being great partners and consummate professionals to work with. The Prestige team is up front, transparent and willing to assist however possible."
- Brian Whelan, CPA

"I cannot express how wonderful Prestige Capital has been in assisting my company in the past few years. I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. In all my years in this business it is rare to come across such a great company that is willing to go far beyond to assist you rather it be with new opportunities or just answering the same questions over and over. I will highly recommend Prestige Capital to anyone who asks. I look forward to continued success."
- Mary, Accounts Receivable Manager, Lighting Company

"I am glad to have an angel on my shoulder; a finance company that can keep me on target with cash flow, to pay my suppliers and to have the confidence to accept large orders knowing that I will have the liquidity that I need to keep my business growing. "
- Simon Sassoon, President & Founder, Hyso

"Our partnership with Prestige has changed the game for our business - we’re now able to accept larger projects than we’ve ever been able to and can worry less about the cash flow impact of the extended payment terms that come along with doing business with many larger customers. The factoring process with Prestige has been easy and straightforward and we can sleep better at night knowing that we have a reliable source of cash at our disposal when we need it."
- John, CFO, Magazine

"Looking back over the last 18 months, we have been extremely impressed with the services that your organization provided to us. Your organization is efficient, easy to work with, and the entire 18 months were basically trouble-free. At our first meeting with Prestige, we were impressed by a statement that Harvey made, "we don't want your business for a long time, we just want to work with you for a period of time until you have solved your cash flow problems." We solved our problem and Prestige delivered, as promised. Would I recommend your organization to other companies… Absolutely!"
- Roger, Chairman of the Board, Publishing/Media

"I loved how you executed on this. If all my deals could be so painless."
- Paul Ryan, Partner, Hayfield Financial

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation last week. It was quite informative and resulted in positive feedback from the group."
- Robert Neumann, CPA, CIRA, CFF, CBIZ Corporate Recovery Services

"Always fantastic to work with Prestige and their incredible team!"
- Gina Mackenzie

"Great experience with Prestige. Good people + solid process = great relationship"
- Michael Owens, CEO, Staffing Agency

"The folks at Prestige Capital are top notch! Intelligent, practical, and trustworthy. I highly recommend this company. "
- Mitchell Cohen

"The level of professionalism and understanding demonstrated by their team is second to none in the industry. I highly recommend this team of experts for your financing needs."
- Roberto Rodriguez

"Prestige capital has a clean process in place. They have a great professional team and a clean process in place. I will always recommend them."
- Seun Ajanwachuku

"Thank you for the best help. Really helpful staff. Friendly and highly recommended."
- Sunny Chan

"I met Rachel while consulting for an e-commerce supplement company. We were looking for creative ways to finance large POs as we prepared for a move into B&M retail. Prestige worked with us to look for solutions and identify other opportunities we didn't even know were there. Highly recommend them as they make access to cash flow simple and easy."
- Kory French, Emily Consulting

"I have been working with Prestige Capital since 2010. They are always professional, timely and a pleasure to work with. Their expertise in the industry is unmatched and I highly recommend anyone interested in getting funding for their business to work with Prestige."
- Ben Rutkevitz, Alleon Capital Partners LLC

"Professionalism to its finest!! Great team to work with. Rachel was such a great help to our business. 5+ stars."
- Beltran Mathew

"I've worked with Harvey, Stu, Rachel and the rest of the crew at Prestige with a number of the firm's clients, and the team at Prestige has always been fair, straight and practical. I highly recommend that any company in need of financing talk with them. If the credit isn't a fit for Prestige, they will steer you to a finance company or bank that they believe would be a great fit."
- Thomas Slome, Partner at Cullen and Dykman LLP

"Prestige Capital were really helpful, and very friendly. As a small business owner I wasn't capable to grow my business to its full potential due to all the debts I had. After few Google searches I came across Prestige Capital and gave them a chance. They found ways for me to get qualified. And from the bottom of my heart, I made the best decision of my life. I cannot thank you guys enough. I recommend anyone who, like me, is a small business owner that has their hands tied up and can't get qualified for bank loans."
- Daniel Khan

"Job well doing, Rachel. You and your staff are very easy to deal with, offer a great service and give my company a sense of security, allowing us to expand our business if needed. A healthy and bright future of wishes from my company."
- David Linder | President of Kimba Industries

"The largest challenge I have found as a manufacturer in the construction field is supporting the growth of my business while struggling to collect our Receivables timely. The second largest is finding a funding solution to that problem. Just over a year ago, a smart and trusted friend put me in touch with Stuart Rosenthal at Prestige Capital to solve both problems. Dealing with the Prestige group, and particularly Trish Gariola on a daily basis, has been a terrific and friendly experience. If you find the funding of your business needs as challenging as I have, I strongly recommend you contact the fine people at Prestige Capital as your solution."
- Rob | Elevator Contractor

" I will tell you I never enjoyed working with a financial partner as much as I did with Rachel and the team at Prestige. "
- Mark D. Crames | CEO Demeter Fragrance Library

"Prestige Capital is a great company! Being a small business owner, I was having cash flow problems until my banker introduced me to Rachel at Prestige Capital. Before that I was with another factor and got burnt but I trusted my banker. Rachel put me in touch with Harvey Stu. Santo and after a brief phone conversation they found a program that my company would qualify for and now my cash flow improved drastically. I want to thank all the people at Prestige Capitol including Trish that were and are assisting me with my finances. If anyone would ask me I would highly recommend Prestige Capitol."
- Ari, CEO, GetYourPerfume

"Regarding the presentation you made to our professional staff in our Woodbury, Long Island office, I would like to thank you for the wonderful presentation. Our attendees felt that the presentation was informative on the differences between traditional factoring and invoice discount financing. I appreciate you visiting our office and meeting with us."
- David Rubenstein, Partner at Mazars USA LLC

"I was looking for a partner, someone who could finance my receivables and arrange for purchase order financing. I knew that the old saying, “you never got a second chance to make a first impression” is certainly true. If I ran out of capital and couldn’t ship orders on time, I would not be able to continue to work with the retailers that had trusted me and given me orders.""
- Curtis Fletcher, President & CEO, SoupHome