Growth Financing

Typically, as a company grows so does its need for financing. Growth Financing provides companies with ready capital to take advantage of opportunities that arise, whether it is organic growth or by acquisition. Factoring provides peace of mind and reliable financing.

  • North Carolina Men’s Grooming Tool

    $ 250,000

    Consumer Products

    North Carolina
    • Client: North Carolina Men’s Grooming Tool

    • Situation: This company experienced a sharp increase in sales after exposure on a television program.

    • Need: The client needed liquidity to support their rapid growth.

    • Solution: Within two weeks, the client financed their receivables, providing their factories comfort to continue to shipping rapidly during a period of growing volume.

  • Georgia Hair Accessory Company

    $ 600,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: Georgia Hair Accessory Company

    • Situation: This company won an award as best new retail product and was awarded wide distribution in all regions of the chain.

    • Need: The client needed immediate cash flow to pay their suppliers in a timely manner.

    • Solution: Within two weeks, the client was able to factor their invoices enabling them to pay their supplier in a timely manner.

  • California AI Company

    $ 25,000,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: California AI Company

    • Situation: The client needed liquidity in the 4th quarter to pay suppliers during their busy holiday season.

    • Need: The client was actively seeking an increase in their bank line to support their growth, however, the bank was not comfortable giving a line increase at this time.

    • Solution: Prestige was able to work with the bank in a carve out situation, to finance the client’s largest retail receivables to provide liquidity to pay their suppliers in a timely manner.

  • Massachusetts Toy Company

    $ 2,000,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: Massachusetts Toy Company

    • Situation: This company had been purchased in bankruptcy by an investor and required cash flow for operations.

    • Need: Client needed immediate cash flow for operations and for payment licensing fees.

    • Solution: Within one week Prestige Capital financed the client’s receivables enabling client to pay licensing fees in a timely manner, as well as, provide ongoing cash flow to pay suppliers.

  • New York Watch Company

    $ 2,000,000

    Consumer Products

    New York
    • Client: New York Watch Company

    • Situation: Company was seeking immediate cash flow during their busy fourth quarter.

    • Need: Since their bank was unable to provide a loan, an introduction to Prestige was made to provide invoice financing.

    • Solution: Within one week the client financed $1,000,000 of receivables enabling them to pay their suppliers in a timely manner.