Working Capital

A measure of both a company’s efficiency and its short-term financial health, working capital is the cash a business requires to fund day-to-day operations. At times, working capital constraints occur due to rapid growth, seasonality, delayed customer payments and other unexpected events. Factoring provides immediate access to cash for business owners.

  • Georgia Accessory Company

    $ 500,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: Georgia Accessory Company

    • Situation: This client received a large order to have his product featured in a subscription based delivery box.

    • Need: Since this order was much larger than his typical volume, the client needed to monetize the invoice in order to pay his supplier in within terms.

    • Solution: Within a week, Prestige was able to finance this single debtor account and paid his supplier promptly.

  • Boston Technology Company

    $ 300,000


    • Client: Boston Technology Company

    • Situation: The client’s business was growing rapidly as his business was in the rapidly growing sector known as IoT (internet of things).

    • Need: As additional restaurants were signing up for the client's services, the company realized that their existing financing was insufficient for such rapid growth.

    • Solution: By partnering with Prestige Capital, he was able to keep cash flow steady and sign on new accounts at a rapid pace. This was done without seeking additional equity, which would have required substantial time and energy during this fast-paced sales cycle.

  • North Carolina Men’s Grooming Tool

    $ 250,000

    Consumer Products

    North Carolina
    • Client: North Carolina Men’s Grooming Tool

    • Situation: This company experienced a sharp increase in sales after exposure on a television program.

    • Need: The client needed liquidity to support their rapid growth.

    • Solution: Within two weeks, the client financed their receivables, providing their factories comfort to continue to shipping rapidly during a period of growing volume.

  • Georgia Hair Accessory Company

    $ 600,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: Georgia Hair Accessory Company

    • Situation: This company won an award as best new retail product and was awarded wide distribution in all regions of the chain.

    • Need: The client needed immediate cash flow to pay their suppliers in a timely manner.

    • Solution: Within two weeks, the client was able to factor their invoices enabling them to pay their supplier in a timely manner.

  • California AI Company

    $ 25,000,000

    Consumer Products

    • Client: California AI Company

    • Situation: The client needed liquidity in the 4th quarter to pay suppliers during their busy holiday season.

    • Need: The client was actively seeking an increase in their bank line to support their growth, however, the bank was not comfortable giving a line increase at this time.

    • Solution: Prestige was able to work with the bank in a carve out situation, to finance the client’s largest retail receivables to provide liquidity to pay their suppliers in a timely manner.

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